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G-Loves --- fashionable and functional hi-tech workout gloves

G-Loves are designed to protect your precious hands from pain and fatigue during activities such as weightlifting, yoga, Pilates, bootcamp, CrossFit®, horseback riding, wheelchairs, water sports, and any other activity that requires grip. At the core of this glove is a uniquely engineered grip that offers superior traction and stability on any surface.


The hand has 32 muscles which move the fingers and thumb, 3 major nerves, 27 bones, and 123 ligaments. Your hands will be well guarded from calluses and pain!

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The thin cushion absorbs shock and stabilizes the body. A stable hand ensures proper alignment and form during exercises.

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Ease of Use

Velcro makes them adjustable and easy to put ON and take OFF. Plus they are washable!

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Plenty of traction here!  Aggressive PVC rubberized grip provides traction, stability and security on any surface (even wet).

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Neoprene material contours to your hand. Open-knuckles and cropped fingers allow for flexibility. Velcro closure adjusts for a custom fit.

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We are super stylish in addition to the hi-tech functionality. Our designs are on point and will seriously up your gym swag.

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